EOS: Evolution of Smooth Review


Hey Pieces, today we are going to be doing something a little different! For Christmas my lovely friend Andrea (link her site) gave me this beautiful set of EOS lip balms. EOS is one of my favourite lip care brands and I have had many in the past, but I had never even seen these ones before! So obviously there is excitement and I definitely need to gab about them!

In this beautiful set there are 3 flavours (scents?) St. Barths Sunrise (Pink Grapefruit), Aloha Hawaii (Strawberry Kiwi) and my favourite of all Indian Summer (Orange Blossom)! Can you feel the summer heat yet? I can!

So I am going to go through the three lip balms and describe their scents, if they smell like what they claim to be, and whether or not that quality is up to standards!

St. Barths: I am not usually a fan of grapefruit scented things because I have always had a strong distaste for it, but this lip balm is so light and sweet, is it weird that I’m craving grapefruit, even though I know I can’t stomach it? It’s unmistakably grapefruit scented they made sure that everyone will know as soon as it touches their lips! Also I really like that it isn’t heavily perfumed, there have been a few lip balms in the past that have smelled so so strong (GINGERBREAD BODY SHOP LIP BALM) that I could literally smell it on my lips. ICK! I give this scent a 4 out of 5 stars, because I know if I liked grapefruit, this would definitely be the best one.

Aloha Hawaii: I was excited when I read there was strawberry kiwi in the package, but how could they have bypassed that! Strawberry daiquiris are the summertime! It’s a necessity. I was worried this wasn’t going to smell like that delicious beverage tastes, but I was obviously worried for nothing. Its like heaven that they poured straight from the glass right into the lip balm! I love the dark red packaging; I was waiting for them to come out with a red EOS for so long, and thank god its heaven scented! The balms are the same formula as we all know and love, and I can’t wait to get to this one!
4 out of 5 because I haven’t actually tried it yet, I’ve been too obsessed with the last one!

Indian Summer: The orange exterior had me pumped from the moment I lay eyes on it, had eos finally come out with an orange scented balm? Was it finally my time to shine? (Orange is my absolute favourite scent/flavour in anything and everything!) I ripped veraciously through the wrapping and tore this baby right out of the snug little nest it called home! When I opened it I was more than pleased, I was thrilled. It smells like creamsicles in the summertime, melting down your fingers because you can’t eat it fast enough, leaning over the dock so that it doesn’t drip on your toes. It was glory and full of childhood memories. This sounds dramatic, but no one will understand my love for orange things. Maybe I’ll write about that some day, but for now its just going to stay mine) but seriously, This lip balm is perfection wrapped in a clementine! I opened it up and the balm was not the normal white creamy colour, but a nice creamy yellowy orange! I’m not 100% sure what they added to the formula, but they should add it to every other scent, because it is the smoothest EOS lip balm I have ever tried! I am in love, and I have used it at least once a day since I was given it! Definitely 10 stars out of 5, I’ve been debating on going to buy a few more of the sets incase I run out of the orange blossom one too fast!

I recommend this new set for sure, please leave in the comments below which one is your favourite, or which one you think would be your favourite! As well as don’t forget to check out the lovely Andrea’s website! She is super talented and I am so thankful that she is in my life (for more reasons than just that she gives amazing gifts.)!

Also, stay tuned on the TheseLittlePieces facebook page for new posts that are coming this week! Can’t wait for the New Year, I just finished my 2015 to do list and I can not wait to share it with you!

Have an awesome day!


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