TheseLittlePieces 2015 Outlook

Hey friends!

It has been an on going struggle of mine to find a strict topic for a blog. As a girl of far too many passions and hobbies and loves, I honestly find it so difficult to focus on ONE thing! Sometimes that can be a bit rough on a reader, but after this year, my stats of skyrocketed and I could not be more happy. Maybe blogging, what used to just be for me, is something that I can do! It feels amazing to know that 700+ are subscribed and reading about my little adventures!

I have decided that my words for 2015 are “Simplify” and “Gratitude”, these words will act as almost a mantra for me in everything I do in 2015 and I will always keep them in mind. But with this new mantra come a few itty bitty changes to TheseLittlePieces. I have decided to add a list of four categories to this blog, two categories new, and two categories well known in the pieces world! The two that are most prominent are definitely the “Writing” and “Wellness” but two that I haven’t announced yet are “Organization” and “Beauty!”

With these new categories come new headers and new posts so here is that little spiel:

theselilprompts novel updates

Nothing is going to change, my writing will still roll in as usual, with the same headers we know and love! 🙂


Whenever you see this header you will be getting a beauty related post, whether its make up, clothing, lookbooks, hauls, reviews, favourites, this will be that! Basically whenever I see something I think is beautiful, it will be here!


SimplifiedPieces is going to be an area in this blog for getting my life sorted and organized! I have recently taken up planning and am sad but excited to say that I am a full blown planner addict! I’m completely obsessed! This tab is basically going to be me, organizing my life, and welcoming you all to join me!

And lastly,


When you see TheseLittleThoughts, its going to be posts about loving your self, finding gratitude, setting hatred free, loving life and just other ways to stay happy and troubleless. This header is going to be used when I write articles about personal wellness, or even when I just want to talk about coping with certain things! My advice will probably be finding its way here too!

So I think I have this all planned out accordingly, I just have to go through the blog background and figure everything out so that it sorts! Hoping for the best! If there is anything that I have missed, please please comment below!

Thanks a bunch for sticking with me in 2014, can’t wait to kick off 2015 with you beautiful humans!

Stay beautiful,


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