365 Haiku Challenge: FINAL WEEK OF HAIKUS!


Its the last week of haikusday! I absolutely can’t believe that I actually finished this, despite all the road blocks along the way! I am thrilled to be able to say that I wrote a haiku for everyday in the year, and it’s one more thing for me to scratch off of my to do list! At times it proved to be difficult, but I caught up some how! If I can write 365 mini poems, I wonder what else I can do in 365 days! Let me know in the comments below what I should do in 2015!

Here is the final batch of haikus for you!


Though I feel alone,

I know that I never am,

forever with him.


More than meets the eye,

the deep-seated emotion,

no one knows about.


Hints of sarcasm,

laced through his voice at all times,

I don’t know what’s real.


He thinks hes funny,

but barely hilarious,

got nothing on me.


Its hysterical,

how others can treat people,

you need to grow up.


Feeling accomplished,

It is finally finished,

A year of haikus.

Thanks for sticking around and reading my haikus this year! ❤
Love Mazie


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