Introduction to my planner: Think Pink 2015

Hey Pieces!
Today I am going to talk about my 2015 planner!
For those of you who watched my first TheseLittlePieces video last night, you will have kind of seen what the inside of the planner looks like, and you’ll have to watch this video for that, but I’m going to talk a little bit about why I picked it, and how its working so far!
Here is the video:


Now on to why I picked the planner! First of all I needed a full size planner because I was planning to use this for absolutely everything! The 8.5 x 11 is a little big for me right now, not being in school or working too much, but it is definitely working better than the mini one I had last year!  As I mention in the video, my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas, but I helped pick out the design! I was originally going to get an Erin Condren, but the shipping to Canada was absolutely ridiculous! If there is ever a free shipping promo I’ll be the first one there but as it stands right now, I definitely can’t afford it! This planner is just as good after customization, which I will talk about more later on in the year (after I receive a bunch of the goodies and stuff I ordered this week)!

I am using my planner to keep track of family, plans, school, placement, work, the blog and other things! I was going to track my health in there as well but I decided to separate that and keep it in a smaller on the go planner that I got for $1 at target. In that I am just tracking what I eat and what activities I do as well as my water intake. The past few days haven’t been kept up to date but from tomorrow on word things will definitely be different!

The planner is working pretty well at the time, but I feel like I am having trouble with keeping it simple. I feel like I would benefit so much more from a loose leaf planner, and I did order a mint A5 off of Aliexpress… but I don’t know what its use will be yet! We shall see when it gets here!

What planner are you using this year?! What is your system?! Share photos and links!
See you tomorrow, pieces!
– Mazie


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