The 2015 Reading Challenge: Book One, and Lena Dunham

Hey Pieces,
For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am doing The 2015 Reading Challenge!
Here is my first post!


(I’m going to be checking off the books as I go just to keep track, so please find the original photo on my pinterest HERE! 🙂 )

Not That Kind Of Girl – By Lena Dunham

7/10 Stars

When I originally picked up this book, I was fairly worried for a bunch of reasons. I had read previously that there was underlying hints of sexual assault, and that I would be thrown head first into Lena Dunham’s sex life and problems. When I told a friend that I had started reading it I was warned that I would only feel sad and disgusting after reading this book, and that if I’m going to read it, plan to read something happier after. I went in with a negative perspective, and came out with a certain level of understanding and respect for her. This being said I would have done it a little different, but alas I did not write this book. So here are my thoughts!

Writing Style:
I see a lot of parallels in Lena’s writing style and my own! It kept me immersed and interested, it was like I was watching her TV show! I love the style of the book and the formatting in parts broken up into different categorized memories. The diction was intelligence and at times absolutely hilarious, if anything her writing style kept me reading this book, even throughout the stories that didn’t particularly spark my interest.

Intriguing Perspectives:
A lot of the time I was sitting there reading this book and shaking my head in disbelief. The things that this woman has went through are honestly insane and the way she sees her world is so unrelatable but I think that is how she likes it. I was reading through a few scenes when I decided to simplify them. I won’t share any direct stories from the book, no spoilers here, but a lot of the time it felt like she was turning a walk to the store into a pilgrimage, like she was turning a routine check up into an intense heart surgery. One thing I constantly had to remind myself was that this book was written by a 20-something year old woman, reviewing her childhood and sharing her memories.

A great example of where it was important to remember this, was the infamous chapter on her sister Grace. A lot of people did not appreciate her account of sexual exploration with her young sister. One thing that kept me from jumping straight to off the scales anger was the fact that there is a six year age difference between the two of them, as well as they were both very very young. Another thing that made me feel a bit better was that Grace has even mentioned in interviews that she does not feel like it should be considered assault, as she doesn’t even remember it. Would I have written about this in my memoir, no, does it add to the quality of this book, no, does it help everything else seem more honest, YES, because why on earth would someone lie about this kind of stuff?!

There were other uncomfortable subjects for me personally, but none that I will mention in hopes that you pick up the book yourselves, as it was a good and enlightening read. I didn’t have to judge the book by the cover, because I was seeking it for its author but if I had to judge the cover it would be a definite classic cover, very vintage esque.

After reading this book, I feel like I understand why Lena is the way she is, in her films, in her show, on twitter or instagram. I feel like I have a better understanding of what goes through her head before she does/says something. I feel like I know how she sees things as they happen. Do I still love to hate Hannah Horvath, Yes! Do I understand her better, HELL YES!

Overall, so so glad I picked up this book! It is a great first book of 2015!
Thanks for reading!
ALSO, the new season of GIRLS starts this Sunday! That’s exciting! Check it out!

Love, Mazie


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