Introducing Gratitude

Hey Pieces,
Sorry for the absence, I’ve taken a few days off to spend the last moments of holidays with my lovely man! It’s his birthday today, and now that our tummies are stuffed with burgers and cheesecakes (please don’t tell my health journal) I’m going to sit down and get a bunch of blogging and writing done!

Today I want to talk about a little project I have started for 2015. I think this years underlying theme is most definitely challenging myself, because I swear ever I post I write is a new challenge I’m partaking in! I swear I have a life! Its just most of it is here on the internet!

For Christmas, Steve’s Nanny, Catharine, gave me this beautiful journal. It pulls at my heart every time I see it, I am completely in love with the texture and design! I decided that this had to be an important part of my year so I made it my Gratitude Journal! Every day or whenever I decide to write in it, I start off my entry with what I am thankful for that day, I hope to fill every page with stories and gratitude! I am also hoping that I can fill the entire thing this year! I’ve never completely filled a journal front to back before, and this has to be the first!


I, having become slightly obsessed with washi tape and other stationery products, decided to customize my page edges to make it a little more ME! I’m sticking with the deep pink and teals! I think it’s looking beautiful so far!


I am also putting my new date stamp to good use! I think it just adds nice touch to each page and I love that single digits can have a heart in front!

So far I write mostly in the mornings when I wake up but I want to practice bringing it everywhere and writing about everything in a day! I need to practice my gratitude more often, as it is one of my mantras this year! I am also working to simply my organization systems, as that is the other mantra!

I think it is important to express what you are thankful for every day because from what I have noticed, it just helps you appreciate everything, even if you just want to write a list of things you are grateful for instead of a whole journal, just find a way to keep track of all the positive and good things in your life!

What are you thankful for? Do you keep a daily journal? Lets talk about it! Meet me in the comments below!
See you in a bit with another long awaited post!

Love, Maz


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