Review: Vanilla Brulee Collection by The Body Shop

Hey Pieces,

Over the holidays I often accumulate a lot of wonderfully scented products, but this year something special happened. I was introduced by my beautiful step sister and brother, to a beautiful collection called Vanilla Brulee by The Body Shop!


I decided shortly after opening these products that I would have to be putting it on the blog somewhere, because I am obsessed with the scent and just everything about this line! To my knowledge, this is a part of the three scent holiday line, which includes Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. I was reading the reviews on the other two scents and I am so glad that I got the one I did! My siblings know me well!

I understand there are a few more products in the line, but what I have here is exactly what I need. I received the lip balm, body butter, body polish and body and room spray! All in this glorious scent! I’m obsessed!

So here is my review:

Body Polish: 
I am unfamiliar with body polishes but before using this product I assumed it was the same concept as a body scrub or an exfoliant, and I was mostly right, but it was still so much more than that! This product was cream and soft and had beautiful textures in it that exfoliated as well as nourished as I used it. The smell is so soft and sweet but still it is so fragrant that the scent lasts on your skin! Imagine sitting inside of a cupcake, while eating the best creme brulee you have ever laid your taste buds on! Yeah! Thats the smell! It’s a natural fair trade product and has honey in it to naturally moisturize! My skin was so soft and smooth that I couldn’t believe it! This is by far my favourite out of the whole collection! 10/10 stars!

Lip Balm: 
First of all, this tin is so lovely, and easy to open, in the past I have struggled with Body Shop lip balms, and ended up giving up on them for a while, but this one is wonderful, not to mention big for a lip balm. Same seasonal scent as I described before but with much more of a hint of vanilla! I know lip balm is not meant for tasting but sometimes its inevitable and his has no gross chemical taste, and that is mostly because its made mostly of natural products! Its not a greasy lip balm, it has made it through the kiss test and it is deeply moisturizing! I love it! 8/10 stars.

Body Butter:
What I love most about this product is that it uses Fair Trade shea butters, I have been reading a lot about fair trade and this makes me feel as good as it makes my skin feel! Winter time makes my skin horrendously dry, like many others I’m sure! I turn into a rough, patchy sand paper lizard and this honestly smooths everything! Its best to use when you get straight out of the shower, especially after using the body polish! Its the best combination! Same smell, except stronger than the body polish, which is fine by me! 9/10 stars!

Body/ Room Spray:
My only complaint is that I wish this was bigger, I am in love with this scent, I prefer it as a room spray, as I just received a few perfumes for Christmas, but this product is great for when you’re rushing around cleaning your apartment before a guest gets there. I keep this near the door and just spray it before I let guest in and my apartment smells like cupcakes and vanilla caramel love! I am running out of sweet words to use to describe this but I think you get the point! Definitely 9/10 stars!

I recommend this line to anyone that loves sweet things and natural products! I love that Body Shop doesn’t test on animals and that they honour free trade products! If I were you, I’d rush out to your closest location and hop right on this vanilla dreamboat before its retired for the season!

Whats your favourite scent? Why? Talk to me about it in the comments below!
Love always, Maz


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