Creative Round Up: 7 Helpful Journal Prompt Pins

Hey Pieces,

Recently I was talking to a friend about keeping a journal, and she expressed the difficulties in maintaining momentum and finding things to write about every single day. I struggle with that sometimes too, and though I haven’t vowed to write in the journal daily (a commitment I can’t make) I would really like to, and I do try, but sometimes it’s just tough! So I decided to dig through the internet, (MAINLY PINTEREST) and find some helpful images and sites for all my journalling buddies to bookmark and save!

I really enjoy this one, and wish I had this last year when I was writing my 365 haikus! One Word Prompts give so much freedom and sometimes prove to be a challenge! I think these prompts are rad, not to mention the image is adorable, click through to get to the website!


I also really enjoyed this set, because its an even mix of simple prompts and then super thought provoking ones!


I like this one because its quick and you can do it as a weekly challenge if you’re feeling writerly!


I love the idea of keeping letters in your journal, whether its to yourself, to your significant other, or the barista I just think letter writing is important, no matter your generation! has some amazing articles and prompt lists for journalling and blogging! I plan on doing a few of the monthly lists this year on TheseLittlePieces.


If you are looking to start a gratitude journal like mine, this might really help you get started! This is a hefty list of things to think about!


Another amazing list from! This one is specifically for travelling, which doesn’t have to be across the world or in an airplane. Some of these could be good for exploring your own city even!


And here is a list of page starters! Some great ones at that! I especially like the last four!

Do you have any awesome prompts to share? Were these helpful in your journalling endeavors? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you!

Please click through these images to the original sites and show them some love! These are amazing lists that I can’t wait to take on!

Have a lovely day/night!


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