My Perfect Planner System

Hey Pieces,

Today I want to talk about how I finally devised a plan for well, my planning! I spent the morning perfecting my system while drowning myself in granola and Greys Anatomy on Netflix, and here is how it looks.

So this is the layout of everything, I know that my mantra is to simplify but this is the simplest I could make it for everything I need to keep track of! So here it is!

So starting at the left:
There is my Life Binder; a gold sparkly binder that was bought at Dollarama!
The journal on top of it is my gratitude journal which was given to me as a gift.
The 8.5 x 11 planner is an AT-A-GLANCE, Judy’s Lace Weekly Planner.
The smaller gold notebook is my brain dump notebook, I bought it in a three pack from H&M.
My health planner is a small pocket planner that I bought a target in the dollar spot, and customized the cover.
The pencil case that holds my colour coding system for everything is from Forever21
The washi tapes were found online and in dollar stores!

In my life binder five sections:
– Tracking
– Financial
– Etsy/ Blog
– Apartment Planning
– Writing Guild

These are things that I need to keep track of and to keep organized that wouldn’t fit in my weekly planner.


The journal holds everything I am grateful for as you can read about here! My planner keeps track of everything to do with school, work, cleaning, writing and blogging, gym, plans, and important dates. It’s proving effective so far, and I do plan on giving an in depth tour of that in the near future.


The Brain Dump holds everything in my head and every night before I go to bed I read through two trigger lists to get everything out of my head and into that notebook. There is also a bigger notebook that stays in one place, this one is just perfect size to bring around.

Here are some things that I made for my planner. Some bookmarks and some dividers I laminated!

IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8869

Tell me about your systems, is there a more effective way that I am missing out on? What do you keep track of in your binders and planners? Comment below and share with me!

xoxo, Mazie


5 thoughts on “My Perfect Planner System

  1. Hey Mazie,
    I know you don’t have munchkins at this point, but I have to share that I finally figured out how to keep track of all the report cards, letters from drs. and everything else that kind of goes along with all that. I have individual binders for each kid that I think I will let them decorate. Just wish I had figured this out before my oldest became an adult. He had so much paperwork.
    My own tracking consists of a big dayplanner and a journal. I think I will take a look at that trigger list as sleeping has been an issue.
    Thanks again for sharing your ideas. You are so organized!

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