One Word Challenge: MyLittleMesses, Boredom and Promises

IMG_8881 IMG_8882

Ah, life’s little messes. Even the most organized people can make them, its just how they clean them up after. Disorganized people sweep them into a pile and tell themselves they’ll deal with it later. I used to be that person. Now every single thing has a place. and that place that that thing stays in also has a place. Every single aspect of my life is tracked for progress and for management of my time. All these messes are my way of revolting from my organization system. Yes they all go back to their place but there is some kind of irony in planning my week and making a mess doing it.

The pictures above are of some little messes around my apartment this morning, I am in the middle of a few paper crafting projects, and trying to find a new use for my A5 planner binder but I can’t figure it out yet. So in between writing articles all day, I am working on this mess of repurposed paint chips and washi tape! Boredom is not a familiar feeling to me in the slightest. Not a day has went by in the past 2 years that I haven’t had a tonne of things to do, and a lot of people tell me that my life would be a mess if I wasn’t so organized.

I know it looks hectic, but don’t worry! I promise to clean up this mess!
What messes do you like to see around your home? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: MyLittleMesses, Boredom and Promises

  1. I’m the same Mazie! When I get my crafts out/planning etc, it’s like a bomb went off, but when I am finished – everything is returned to its place! I work at my dining table and most days it’s covered in paper, stationery, etc but at the end of the day, it’s all cleared away. Great post 🙂

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