One Word Challenge: Maybe, Simple, Pieces

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For as long as I can remember it has always been about the little pieces. I am always counting the shards and recalculating the time it might take for all the pieces to pull themselves back together again. I have spent the greater part of my life running around gathering myself, but not anymore. Since TheseLittlePieces began, I have decided to embrace the pieces. No matter how scattered I may seem, I will always embrace every single piece of myself. Its as simple as that, and maybe some day, I will embrace them all so strongly that they will all fall back into place together.
It would be unproductive to talk about what shredded me up in the first place, but whats important is that I have a wonderful family, a perfect boyfriend, and some of the most beautiful and caring friends that help make it easier to love every piece of me.


4 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: Maybe, Simple, Pieces

  1. I knew you would like the word this week! 😉 We are all made up of so many pieces. I struggle sometimes to embrace all of mine, but what other choice do we have?!?!

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