Hey there pieces!
I know it has been a little while since I posted a non-challenge post, as usual I have bitten of more than I can chew and life is super busy right now. But don’t worry, I am snowed in today and have to post as much as possible!
Today I want to talk about an amazing App that has been keeping me in check lately and that app is called HabitRPG.
For those of you who know I am a proud nerd, and I won’t lie and tell you that my lack of posting posting had nothing to do with Guild Wars and other similar games, but this nerdy little app is helping me keep on track.

So basically you start a character, there are customizations you can do, but you just start with a basic character no armor. This is my current character.



So you set up your character and then make your wait to the habits, dailies and To Do tabs! Each tab lets you add your own items, but it comes with a few examples such as take the stairs and read for 45 minutes a day (all stuff I want to do anyways! Its great for when your are trying to start good habits, and its great for ending bad ones too. You can set up the rewards for each time you do something, or don’t do something (for me whenever I eat junk food I lose a lot of points, so I try not to do that!)
You can set it up so that its multiple times a day or just once.Here are some more screenshots of what mine looks like!




Obviously there needs to be some kind of compensation for being amazing, so everytime you do something good, you get coins. These coins can be used to buy armor items that bump up your abilities and other stats. I believe there are bosses and battles but I haven’t explored that far yet, I more so use it just to be productive.I like that you can set it up to give yourself tangible rewards too, like episodes of game of thrones and what not.



Also, while you complete tasks you can find random items. There is no way of controlling it, but these add that addictive collecting aspect that us app-users love. Basically you can find, eggs, potions, and food. Once you have an egg and a potion you can combine them to get a pet. For example: Bear Cub Egg + Cotton Candy Potion = Cotton Candy Bear Cub (my little pink pet)!
There is a huge list of combinations that you need to try to complete! You can feed your pets to train them and boost their stats, but they only eat certain foods. IE. Pink pets can only eat pink food, and brown pets can only eat brown food… and every other colour is the same.






Overall, I love this app and it really does help make everyday tasks more fun. At first it really made productivity distracting, but after the excitement wore off a bit, it makes more sense now. It is a free app, there is the option to purchase in game currency but I haven’t found a need to, so you can play without it for sure! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Lets start a guild!?





3 thoughts on “App REVIEW: HabitRPG

  1. That sounds like the coolest app. I’m definitely going to download it now! This comes at a great time, too, because I’ve been thinking there are a lot of habits I’d like to break.

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