Favourite January Things

January was a super busy month and I’m pretty thankful it’s over. January passing means I only have 2 more months of school left, as I finish on March 31rst! I feel like the time is going to drag by, but lets hope I’m wrong.

So for my favourites in January, I couldn’t possibly go back and find every single thing that I enjoyed, because a lot of the stuff I already have mentioned on the blog one way or another, but here are a few things I haven’t shown you yet!


This new target line of valentines gift packaging that came out, I am in love. (No pun intended)


My mum bought me these beauties from winners for Christmas! The hat is from H&M and she bought the mits and scarf to match! I am loving the colours and can’t get enough of the oranges and yellows!


Shutterfly and Snapfish sent me a bunch of free photos, so I went to town with decorating our bedroom. This year I really wanted to focus on inspiration and motivation, so I found a bunch of quotes and inspirational pictures and pinned them to my vision board.


I rearranged some of my wall art as well, to compensate for the attack of photos on the other walls. I really like how my nerdy wall turned out!


Got some more free photos from Snapfish and I am super pleased with how my little love banner turned out. This is right on the wall as you go into our bedroom, so its nice to see when we walking or wake up!


And finally the last pile of wonderfuls. First there is my beautiful new bag from H&M. I found it in the modern classic collection and I love all the little details. I originally bought this bag to replace my camera bag, but I am too in love with it, I can’t not use it every day! Then there is the Bill Murray notebook I bought at Coles! You all know how much I am obsessed with that man! *SIGH* And I found some awesome watercolour markers and colour coding tabs for my planner system. I haven’t found a full-proof system for them yet, but I’m sure I will need them eventually!

What did you love in January?
What are you up to this February?
Leave a comment and lets chat!
– Mazie


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