One Word Challenge: Almost Rare


I have noticed that these challenge posts have been more like diary entries, and I hope that everyone is enjoying them as much as I have been enjoying writing them. I’ve mentioned before that I love writing this kind of post, but a lot of my content doesn’t call for personal talk. These kinds of insights are pretty rare to come by, especially now that this isn’t a recovery blog, but a wellness blog. Sometimes its difficult for me to open up and share how I’m feeling with the people in my life, I mean I almost always end up talking about it with my mom, but on this blog its easier. I feel protected or hidden. Which probably isn’t right seeing as this is a public domain, where anyone and everyone can read about me. I used to write with a fake persona when I was younger, I had fake accounts and I would write so openly, and so broadly. There was nothing holding me back from spilling my heart out, but now, there is so much at stake. My name is known around here, and I’m stretching out to different online mediums and so I can’t write about all the things I used to.
Recently I’ve been debating changing my facebook account name completely, in hopes to protect myself that way, but I’m not sure that its worth it. I already go by Mazie Bones on there, so its not exactly my name, but its almost too close for comfort.
I get nervous about posting photos of myself anywhere now. And believe me, I was a selfie queen, I used to take one a day to see how I changed from day to day, but now its more rare than usual.
Am I just paranoid?
Am I the only one that is scared about posting my feelings on the internet?
Let me know!



4 thoughts on “One Word Challenge: Almost Rare

  1. I was thinking about starting a blog with my identity hidden so I could be completely honest. I decided not to and am working to become more honest in my real life instead. So not easy as you know. 🙂

  2. It is very risky to bare bones yourself on the internet. As some people take what you say in different ways it can start a real headache for you and there are those out there just waiting to be able to jump on a person who is doing so well and successful in their life just out of pure jealousy or spite. While I feel you can write certain things on here that won’t affect your career or private life I do believe you have to be careful or it could damage your future. I don’t feel it is being dishonest not divulging everything going on in your life…just simply some things are meant to be private and really are not anyone else’s business. It doesn’t make you dishonest at all in my opinion. If it is a case of unloading or venting then talk to a best friend or family member however if it is a wide spread problem among others then make it a topic of the day to see what the opinions of others on that particular subject may be. Keep up the great work Mazie…. awesome blog!!

  3. I understand why people use a fictional persona online. I decided, for myself, to use my real identity. There are times that I wish I were more anonymous so I could rant about a few choice people in my life. but in the end, I’m glad I stuck with just me.

  4. It can be tricky. I don’t worry about my own privacy as much as the privacy of my kids. However, I know hat my mom and mother in law both read my blog, and it has sometimes affected how much I can write about certain things.

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