Planning for Beginners: Bullet Journaling

Hey there pieces, hope you had a lovely week!

Today we are going to talk about Bullet Journaling, a simple and inexpensive alternative to the average planner.

The video above was created by the team that perfected this method and its more explanatory than I could ever get.


The first thing you need to do is to find a key system that works for you. The photo above is a pretty example of some symbols that can be used to organize your notes and lists. I recommend that you use a notebook that you are comfortable using, as well as you have to think about the length of time you want to carry the same book around, if you don’t mind how long then pick a thicker book, but if you don’t want to carry around a heavy book just pick a composition book. On average, if you use the system on a daily basis, you will go through a few in a year.


There is also flexibility in this system to put down anything you need to keep track of, with the use of an index. I tried to keep track on monthly tasks, events and reading lists, as well as weekly to dos.


And here is an example of a daily spread. Some days are shorter than others, but that is the beauty of this system, its all about using only the space you need. Its simple and to the point, and great for people who want to optimize their organization without spending money on the fancy planners, then this is the way for them. There are so many great videos about different systems of bullet journalling, if you haven’t seen any videos by MaeBad on youtube then definitely check out her youtube for some great tips for the Bullet system!

I personally do not use this system anymore, just because I really like my premade pretty planners, but there is nothing stopping bullet journals from being decorated and beautiful as well. Its an amazing way of keeping track of everything.

Do you use the Bullet Journal System? Please please post your photos and tips in the comments below, I’d love to see them!
See you tomorrow with more Planning for Beginners!


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