Planning for Beginners: SPIRAL Vs. BINDERS

Hey Pieces,
I am excited to bring to you today a post that I have been thinking about for a very long time! The on going battle between spiral bound planners and binder ring planners. Each form has its own amazing qualities so we’re just going to dive right into it.
Starting with the spiral bound planners:


We have the world renown Erin Condren. The one that brought new meaning to the spiral planner. These planners are ideal for the busiest of humans who need to keep track of nearly everything under the sun. The planners have upgraded over the years with sturdy metal rings and now changeable covers! The planner comes with a week on two page spread that breaks down each day into morning, noon and night which is useful for people with multiple responsibilities each day. The only problem I have ever heard of is that the tabs bend and the plastic pouch isn’t as sturdy, but that is an inconsistent complaint that I can’t prove, as I have never personally owned this planner.

Next is the Simplified Planner , which is a close contender to the Erin Condren! The pages are thick and great quality, the rings are huge which saves space for inserts and adding pages as well as the multiple dividers make for lots of organization. This planner is a little on the pricey side for a spiral bound, but its a coveted planner none the less.


The last spiral planner I want to bring up is the ever so lovely and beautifully customizable, Plum Paper Designs! Found on etsy, this planner is entirely customizable from the cover to the insert styles. You have multiple choices for what layout you would like, as well as all kinds of add ons, to make your planner perfect just for you. Its a very affordable planner, but the etsy shipping is a little bit steep, but believe me I have seen one in person, I have held on in my hands, it is glory in planner form, and I hope to own one some day! If I had to recommend any of these three spiral planners, I would definitely say Plum Paper.

Now on to the binder ring planners:


The godfather of ring planners is without a doubt the Filofax, as it has brought so many binder concepts to the table. The brand is one of the most popular planner companies, as it is known for its mature in fashion look and reliable strength and durability. They come in a variety of colours and the inserts that come with it are great quality for especially for someone who is working. The best thing about binders is that you can purchase or download and print your own inserts. Etsy sells all kinds of great inserts specific to your needs (ie. student, mom, business owner). Filofax is at the more expensive side of planners, but they are worth the money.


Next up is my personal favourite, the lovely Kikki K planners! They are known for their beauty and flawless colour stories, along with their other adorable stationery! The great thing about binders is that you can have multiple covers and pick which one you want to use each day, simply switching your inserts from one binder to the next. That is something that sold me on the ring binders, even though I use a spiral planner as my day planner and a binder for my references and tracking. My boyfriend just bought me my first kikki k and I am in love already!


And lastly, the most cost efficient brand name option I have found is the Websters Pages Colour Crush! They are super popular and you have to buy them on ebay or on the planner facebook pages if you are interested, because they seem to always be sold out on the website but they are so inexpensive and the dividers that you can buy to match the colours are absolutely beautiful. My favourite on it the white with the gold on the inside. All of the planners have different colours on the inside which make them even more gorgeous and great for decorating and coordinating. The only thing I don’t love is that they sizes seem to be a little off from a normal filofax or kikki k size, which can be frustrating when you want new inserts and what not.

What is your favourite planner style? Tell me why! Add photos of your planner if you’d like!!


3 thoughts on “Planning for Beginners: SPIRAL Vs. BINDERS

  1. I’ve recently become obsessed with planners! I’m using the sn@p stories binder and daily grind inserts as my planner this year. So far it’s exactly what I wanted, enough structure so I feel organized but lots of blank space to make it mine. I need to do a post on it sometime soon!

    P.S. Visiting from your link in Blogging Elite! Hope you have a fantastic Monday 🙂

    • Ohhh the daily grind inserts are beautiful!!! I’m in love! Send me a link when you post about it, I’d love to see it! 🙂 Have a beautiful Monday as well! Thanks for checking out my blog! ❤

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