About Mazie


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 Mazie’s on the moon??

Mazie Bishop is a fiery 22 year-old writer and journalism student from Canada. Self published as well as has several poems and short fiction pieces published in various anthologies and magazines. She is a big dreamer that hopes to be writing with the big guys some day and can not wait for her career to start! Currently she is in the process of writing her second novel and is in the outlining stages of a quarter-life memoir

She is diving face first into her future, or at least she thinks she is. She laughs really funny. Music is her muse, ink is her blood. She is an artist; a mostly pen to paper deal, and writes on everything she has in proper radius when ideas bloom….So I guess that is a warning! Finally in the city!!

Big fish, little pond I suppose.

Recent Publications include:

Dark Chocolate for the Journaler’s Soul

‘Wild Like We Were’ was published in The Journaling Weekly E-Zine

Various articles in B-Side magazine, Brock Press and Niagara News

And published an anthology  “From the Roots of Writing” in 2013




















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