Creative Round Up: 7 Helpful Journal Prompt Pins

Hey Pieces,

Recently I was talking to a friend about keeping a journal, and she expressed the difficulties in maintaining momentum and finding things to write about every single day. I struggle with that sometimes too, and though I haven’t vowed to write in the journal daily (a commitment I can’t make) I would really like to, and I do try, but sometimes it’s just tough! So I decided to dig through the internet, (MAINLY PINTEREST) and find some helpful images and sites for all my journalling buddies to bookmark and save!

I really enjoy this one, and wish I had this last year when I was writing my 365 haikus! One Word Prompts give so much freedom and sometimes prove to be a challenge! I think these prompts are rad, not to mention the image is adorable, click through to get to the website!


I also really enjoyed this set, because its an even mix of simple prompts and then super thought provoking ones!


I like this one because its quick and you can do it as a weekly challenge if you’re feeling writerly!


I love the idea of keeping letters in your journal, whether its to yourself, to your significant other, or the barista I just think letter writing is important, no matter your generation! has some amazing articles and prompt lists for journalling and blogging! I plan on doing a few of the monthly lists this year on TheseLittlePieces.


If you are looking to start a gratitude journal like mine, this might really help you get started! This is a hefty list of things to think about!


Another amazing list from! This one is specifically for travelling, which doesn’t have to be across the world or in an airplane. Some of these could be good for exploring your own city even!


And here is a list of page starters! Some great ones at that! I especially like the last four!

Do you have any awesome prompts to share? Were these helpful in your journalling endeavors? Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you!

Please click through these images to the original sites and show them some love! These are amazing lists that I can’t wait to take on!

Have a lovely day/night!

My Perfect Planner System

Hey Pieces,

Today I want to talk about how I finally devised a plan for well, my planning! I spent the morning perfecting my system while drowning myself in granola and Greys Anatomy on Netflix, and here is how it looks.

So this is the layout of everything, I know that my mantra is to simplify but this is the simplest I could make it for everything I need to keep track of! So here it is!

So starting at the left:
There is my Life Binder; a gold sparkly binder that was bought at Dollarama!
The journal on top of it is my gratitude journal which was given to me as a gift.
The 8.5 x 11 planner is an AT-A-GLANCE, Judy’s Lace Weekly Planner.
The smaller gold notebook is my brain dump notebook, I bought it in a three pack from H&M.
My health planner is a small pocket planner that I bought a target in the dollar spot, and customized the cover.
The pencil case that holds my colour coding system for everything is from Forever21
The washi tapes were found online and in dollar stores!

In my life binder five sections:
– Tracking
– Financial
– Etsy/ Blog
– Apartment Planning
– Writing Guild

These are things that I need to keep track of and to keep organized that wouldn’t fit in my weekly planner.


The journal holds everything I am grateful for as you can read about here! My planner keeps track of everything to do with school, work, cleaning, writing and blogging, gym, plans, and important dates. It’s proving effective so far, and I do plan on giving an in depth tour of that in the near future.


The Brain Dump holds everything in my head and every night before I go to bed I read through two trigger lists to get everything out of my head and into that notebook. There is also a bigger notebook that stays in one place, this one is just perfect size to bring around.

Here are some things that I made for my planner. Some bookmarks and some dividers I laminated!

IMG_8863 IMG_8864 IMG_8865 IMG_8866 IMG_8869

Tell me about your systems, is there a more effective way that I am missing out on? What do you keep track of in your binders and planners? Comment below and share with me!

xoxo, Mazie

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Review: Vanilla Brulee Collection by The Body Shop

Hey Pieces,

Over the holidays I often accumulate a lot of wonderfully scented products, but this year something special happened. I was introduced by my beautiful step sister and brother, to a beautiful collection called Vanilla Brulee by The Body Shop!


I decided shortly after opening these products that I would have to be putting it on the blog somewhere, because I am obsessed with the scent and just everything about this line! To my knowledge, this is a part of the three scent holiday line, which includes Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. I was reading the reviews on the other two scents and I am so glad that I got the one I did! My siblings know me well!

I understand there are a few more products in the line, but what I have here is exactly what I need. I received the lip balm, body butter, body polish and body and room spray! All in this glorious scent! I’m obsessed!

So here is my review:

Body Polish: 
I am unfamiliar with body polishes but before using this product I assumed it was the same concept as a body scrub or an exfoliant, and I was mostly right, but it was still so much more than that! This product was cream and soft and had beautiful textures in it that exfoliated as well as nourished as I used it. The smell is so soft and sweet but still it is so fragrant that the scent lasts on your skin! Imagine sitting inside of a cupcake, while eating the best creme brulee you have ever laid your taste buds on! Yeah! Thats the smell! It’s a natural fair trade product and has honey in it to naturally moisturize! My skin was so soft and smooth that I couldn’t believe it! This is by far my favourite out of the whole collection! 10/10 stars!

Lip Balm: 
First of all, this tin is so lovely, and easy to open, in the past I have struggled with Body Shop lip balms, and ended up giving up on them for a while, but this one is wonderful, not to mention big for a lip balm. Same seasonal scent as I described before but with much more of a hint of vanilla! I know lip balm is not meant for tasting but sometimes its inevitable and his has no gross chemical taste, and that is mostly because its made mostly of natural products! Its not a greasy lip balm, it has made it through the kiss test and it is deeply moisturizing! I love it! 8/10 stars.

Body Butter:
What I love most about this product is that it uses Fair Trade shea butters, I have been reading a lot about fair trade and this makes me feel as good as it makes my skin feel! Winter time makes my skin horrendously dry, like many others I’m sure! I turn into a rough, patchy sand paper lizard and this honestly smooths everything! Its best to use when you get straight out of the shower, especially after using the body polish! Its the best combination! Same smell, except stronger than the body polish, which is fine by me! 9/10 stars!

Body/ Room Spray:
My only complaint is that I wish this was bigger, I am in love with this scent, I prefer it as a room spray, as I just received a few perfumes for Christmas, but this product is great for when you’re rushing around cleaning your apartment before a guest gets there. I keep this near the door and just spray it before I let guest in and my apartment smells like cupcakes and vanilla caramel love! I am running out of sweet words to use to describe this but I think you get the point! Definitely 9/10 stars!

I recommend this line to anyone that loves sweet things and natural products! I love that Body Shop doesn’t test on animals and that they honour free trade products! If I were you, I’d rush out to your closest location and hop right on this vanilla dreamboat before its retired for the season!

Whats your favourite scent? Why? Talk to me about it in the comments below!
Love always, Maz

Introducing Gratitude

Hey Pieces,
Sorry for the absence, I’ve taken a few days off to spend the last moments of holidays with my lovely man! It’s his birthday today, and now that our tummies are stuffed with burgers and cheesecakes (please don’t tell my health journal) I’m going to sit down and get a bunch of blogging and writing done!

Today I want to talk about a little project I have started for 2015. I think this years underlying theme is most definitely challenging myself, because I swear ever I post I write is a new challenge I’m partaking in! I swear I have a life! Its just most of it is here on the internet!

For Christmas, Steve’s Nanny, Catharine, gave me this beautiful journal. It pulls at my heart every time I see it, I am completely in love with the texture and design! I decided that this had to be an important part of my year so I made it my Gratitude Journal! Every day or whenever I decide to write in it, I start off my entry with what I am thankful for that day, I hope to fill every page with stories and gratitude! I am also hoping that I can fill the entire thing this year! I’ve never completely filled a journal front to back before, and this has to be the first!


I, having become slightly obsessed with washi tape and other stationery products, decided to customize my page edges to make it a little more ME! I’m sticking with the deep pink and teals! I think it’s looking beautiful so far!


I am also putting my new date stamp to good use! I think it just adds nice touch to each page and I love that single digits can have a heart in front!

So far I write mostly in the mornings when I wake up but I want to practice bringing it everywhere and writing about everything in a day! I need to practice my gratitude more often, as it is one of my mantras this year! I am also working to simply my organization systems, as that is the other mantra!

I think it is important to express what you are thankful for every day because from what I have noticed, it just helps you appreciate everything, even if you just want to write a list of things you are grateful for instead of a whole journal, just find a way to keep track of all the positive and good things in your life!

What are you thankful for? Do you keep a daily journal? Lets talk about it! Meet me in the comments below!
See you in a bit with another long awaited post!

Love, Maz

The 2015 Reading Challenge: Book One, and Lena Dunham

Hey Pieces,
For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you know that I am doing The 2015 Reading Challenge!
Here is my first post!


(I’m going to be checking off the books as I go just to keep track, so please find the original photo on my pinterest HERE! 🙂 )

Not That Kind Of Girl – By Lena Dunham

7/10 Stars

When I originally picked up this book, I was fairly worried for a bunch of reasons. I had read previously that there was underlying hints of sexual assault, and that I would be thrown head first into Lena Dunham’s sex life and problems. When I told a friend that I had started reading it I was warned that I would only feel sad and disgusting after reading this book, and that if I’m going to read it, plan to read something happier after. I went in with a negative perspective, and came out with a certain level of understanding and respect for her. This being said I would have done it a little different, but alas I did not write this book. So here are my thoughts!

Writing Style:
I see a lot of parallels in Lena’s writing style and my own! It kept me immersed and interested, it was like I was watching her TV show! I love the style of the book and the formatting in parts broken up into different categorized memories. The diction was intelligence and at times absolutely hilarious, if anything her writing style kept me reading this book, even throughout the stories that didn’t particularly spark my interest.

Intriguing Perspectives:
A lot of the time I was sitting there reading this book and shaking my head in disbelief. The things that this woman has went through are honestly insane and the way she sees her world is so unrelatable but I think that is how she likes it. I was reading through a few scenes when I decided to simplify them. I won’t share any direct stories from the book, no spoilers here, but a lot of the time it felt like she was turning a walk to the store into a pilgrimage, like she was turning a routine check up into an intense heart surgery. One thing I constantly had to remind myself was that this book was written by a 20-something year old woman, reviewing her childhood and sharing her memories.

A great example of where it was important to remember this, was the infamous chapter on her sister Grace. A lot of people did not appreciate her account of sexual exploration with her young sister. One thing that kept me from jumping straight to off the scales anger was the fact that there is a six year age difference between the two of them, as well as they were both very very young. Another thing that made me feel a bit better was that Grace has even mentioned in interviews that she does not feel like it should be considered assault, as she doesn’t even remember it. Would I have written about this in my memoir, no, does it add to the quality of this book, no, does it help everything else seem more honest, YES, because why on earth would someone lie about this kind of stuff?!

There were other uncomfortable subjects for me personally, but none that I will mention in hopes that you pick up the book yourselves, as it was a good and enlightening read. I didn’t have to judge the book by the cover, because I was seeking it for its author but if I had to judge the cover it would be a definite classic cover, very vintage esque.

After reading this book, I feel like I understand why Lena is the way she is, in her films, in her show, on twitter or instagram. I feel like I have a better understanding of what goes through her head before she does/says something. I feel like I know how she sees things as they happen. Do I still love to hate Hannah Horvath, Yes! Do I understand her better, HELL YES!

Overall, so so glad I picked up this book! It is a great first book of 2015!
Thanks for reading!
ALSO, the new season of GIRLS starts this Sunday! That’s exciting! Check it out!

Love, Mazie

One Word Challenge: Complicated

Hey Pieces,

For the next 8 weeks I will be participating in the One Word Challenge hosted by The Golden Spoons! Each Friday you get 3 prompts to choose from, and each Wednesday you link up with other participants.

I chose the word complicated, here is my post:

Originally, I spent a day writing this post about how I thought the inner workings of my relationship were to complicated, but in deleting that out of fear that someone would read it, I deleted it. And that has birthed a new take on complication.

This blog is a little complicated. It used to be my recovery place, where I talked about how I was getting better, what steps I took every day to feel alright, a diary of sorts. Now that this blog is a little more successful, it has specific guidelines for posts. Lines I have set to keep myself in certain categories. I feel like I have restricted myself from talking about my sad things, or my concerns, because it doesn’t fit in. I worry that my readers won’t want to read my never-ending sentences of panic. I have to keep it too myself. Which is fine. I have recently started keeping a journal again. Just a commonplace book where I put everything. I write my feelings and my memories, but its not secure. I keep it with me or on a table when I sleep, if someone wanted to read it they completely could! So I hesitate from writing bad things in there! Which is probably good, because who wants to read the bad things?

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am having a complicated time finding a place to put my sad things, or my bad days. I am still moving forward, and yes there are days that I can not be touched, I can not be myself, that just comes with the territory, but in order to get past it, I need to record it to get it out of my head. So I have numerous files titled “don’t read this”, or “delete this tomorrow”. I have videos of myself talking myself into tears because I couldn’t write it all down.” and for the past while its been working, but I still have the urge to write it here. TheseLittlePieces, originally meant all the little pieces that I had to pick up and put back together. But now it just means all the pieces of me and my life.

I’m honestly so glad that I am doing this challenge, and that I picked this word. Because I have been trying to figure out what exactly has been going on with my blog and my mind, and writing this post, and the one I deleted before it, really just helped me understand myself better.

My apologies for run on sentences or negativity, just know that even the happiest of faces can hide the sadness.

Love you all!
For all the new viewers coming from the challenge, I strongly encourage you to not back out and run away, I post a lot more enthralling content I PROMISE!

Stay beautiful everyone,
Leave a comment below with something that gives you complicated feelings!

– Mazie

Introduction to my planner: Think Pink 2015

Hey Pieces!
Today I am going to talk about my 2015 planner!
For those of you who watched my first TheseLittlePieces video last night, you will have kind of seen what the inside of the planner looks like, and you’ll have to watch this video for that, but I’m going to talk a little bit about why I picked it, and how its working so far!
Here is the video:


Now on to why I picked the planner! First of all I needed a full size planner because I was planning to use this for absolutely everything! The 8.5 x 11 is a little big for me right now, not being in school or working too much, but it is definitely working better than the mini one I had last year!  As I mention in the video, my boyfriend bought it for me for Christmas, but I helped pick out the design! I was originally going to get an Erin Condren, but the shipping to Canada was absolutely ridiculous! If there is ever a free shipping promo I’ll be the first one there but as it stands right now, I definitely can’t afford it! This planner is just as good after customization, which I will talk about more later on in the year (after I receive a bunch of the goodies and stuff I ordered this week)!

I am using my planner to keep track of family, plans, school, placement, work, the blog and other things! I was going to track my health in there as well but I decided to separate that and keep it in a smaller on the go planner that I got for $1 at target. In that I am just tracking what I eat and what activities I do as well as my water intake. The past few days haven’t been kept up to date but from tomorrow on word things will definitely be different!

The planner is working pretty well at the time, but I feel like I am having trouble with keeping it simple. I feel like I would benefit so much more from a loose leaf planner, and I did order a mint A5 off of Aliexpress… but I don’t know what its use will be yet! We shall see when it gets here!

What planner are you using this year?! What is your system?! Share photos and links!
See you tomorrow, pieces!
– Mazie

2015 To Do List


Here is my 2015 list of things to do! Last years was fairly successful and this one will be too!
My resolutions are: Drink 8 glasses of water a day, and to write 500 words EVERY DAY! (Write Chain)


  1. One Word Challenge
  2. Start and finish my wreck this journal
  3. Love letters to Steven
  4. Candle making
  5. Photo-a-day challenge (Couple months to try it out?)
  6. 30 day writing challenge
  7. Expirement with my photography
  8. Instax project of some sort
  9. FINISH & EDIT Dust
  10. Learn to sew
  11. NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo
  12. Sketch and paint more


  1. Build my professional portfolio
  2. Simplify my life
  3. Organize the blog/new youtube channel
  4. Do make up reviews and how to’s
  5. Vlog challenge
  6. Find a paid writing job
  7. Keep up with my planner!
  8. Sell my photography (somehow)
  9. Practice neater handwriting, write by hand more!
  10. Write a life plan
  11. Start a filing system


  1. Start my journal, keep private things private. Don’t blog EVERYTHING
  2. Have a No- Spend Month
  3. Find a new apartment
  4. No Dairy/ No Gluten for a month
  5. 7 Day Phone Detox
  6. A walk a day in May
  8. A month of gratitude
  9. Get healthy
  10. Get our cat!
  11. Collect art for the new place!
  12. Art in the park with Sam!
  13. Get adventurous with cooking
  14. Save money for the new place.

Inspire and Explore:

  1. Pick 5 Pen Pals
  2. Geocaching treasure hunt
  3. 2015 Reading Challenge
  4. Go to the Zoo! See the Pandas!
  5. Bee and Puppy Cat Cosplay
  6. Butterfly Conservatory
  7. Go apple picking
  8. Find a subscription box I don’t hate!


Happy New Years pieces! HAPPY 2015!!

Words cannot describe how excited I am to see where this year takes me and there is so much more I want to talk about! I went and scoured through pinterest and found the perfect prompts! So here we go! (I encourage you to also take the time to recap and set goals. I do it multiple times a year)


10 Highlights:
1. I met Steven
2.Fell in love with Steve
3. Moved into our apartment
4. Met Sam and Cory
5. Met Lou Ferrigno
7. Lost two bad friends! (T’was a good thing)
8. Started my placement with Sprint Shack
9. Stats on this blog sky rocketed out of no where!
10. Was an NaNoWriMo ML for the first time and loved it!

10 Disappointments:
1. Didn’t get to go to as many conventions as I wanted to!
2. Marks were not as high as I wanted them to be!
3. Didn’t start my youtube channel
4. Didn’t hit 9k views (I’m fine with it!)
5. Didn’t finish my novel, or get any editing done
6. Didn’t get to spend the whole year with Asia 😦
7. Didn’t get my filofax in the mail in time
8. Didn’t meet Bill Murray at TIFF
9. Didn’t save any money (life got in the way!)
10. Didn’t get my wisdom teeth out, which means I have 4 months to do it! 😦

3 Game Changers:
1. Steven
2. This apartment
3. Not going to Alberta

3 Focuses:
1. Positivity
2. My writing and school
3. Self Loving

3 Things I Forgot:
1. Wisdom Teeth
2. Review Writing
3. Yoga!

This shows me that it was far easier to find highlights in my year than it was to find disappointments, it took me 3 times longer to find bad things so I guess my focus on positivity was well remembered. For 2015 I hope to carry all those focuses with me and find a few more!

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 9.21.21 AM

A bad habit to break: Biting my nails, and not flossing! I’m going to floss two times a day!

New skill to learn: I want to learn how to graphically design planner pages and different things like that, I have all the skills outlining that but haven’t combined them yet!

Person I hope to be like: Probably Steve’s Nanny! Her name is Catherine, she is one of the most sweet, artistic and positive people I have ever met, and she is such a sweet human being!

A good deed: I want to start gifting for the hell of it, or letter writing, no occasion needed just giving! I also want to do more volunteer work!

Place I’d like to visit: My Nana’s cottage in Parry Sound/Midland area!

Book I want to read: The Happiness Project By Gretchen Rubin

Letters I’m going to write: I want a few more pen pals, I’m just too shy to ask, but I will also write letter to Steve and my closer friends and mom as well!

Food to try: I’d love to start crockpotting, I really think that could be fun to try!

I’m going to be better at…. saying thank you, and showing gratitude and simplifying my life.

AND THATS THE END OF THIS REFLECTION! 🙂 It’s just getting me more and more excited that it is 2015! My next post will be coming up in an hour and it will be my official 2015 To Do List! You all know how much I love listing! 🙂 It sure is a hefty one!

Hope you have a safe new years! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! ;3

Myself and Sam from Catching Reality say HAPPY UNICORN NEW YEAR! <3

Myself and Sam from Catching Reality say HAPPY UNICORN NEW YEAR! ❤