2014 To Do List



  • Get my G- License  GOT IT! :3
  • Get my Wisdom Teeth removed (TOO BUSY)
  • Work in Alberta for the Summer  I fell inlove instead!
  • Purge/Donate possessions
  • Play a show with Alex (Red Sun Radio) Both are way too busy!
  • Save up/ Move out I moved out in Jaunary 2014 :3
  • Learn to write in Runes

Blogging/ Online Pressence:

  • Clean Up, Organize TheseLittlePieces
  • Organize youtube channel
  • Photo an hour  4 times 
  • Clean up computer/ hard drive/ phone/ instagram/ blogs. (Clean Slate)


  • Do NaNoWriMo again
  • MayNoWriMo 
  • 365 haiku
  • write the collection of poetry (FAR TOO BUSY)
  • Find a writing job in my field!
  • review 12 new albums
  • review my top 5 best, top 5 worst movies


  • Find Confidence
  • Yoga/Meditation every other day
  • Create a vision board
  • Go for more walks


  • Don’t buy books for the year of 2014 (read what you have/ library/borrow) (THIS IS BECAUSE I HAVE WAY TOOOOO MANY BOOKS I HAVEN’T EVEN OPENED YET.
  • Drink 6 glasses of water a day

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